Senator Mike Duffy Defends Copyright; Creators Rights.

Copyright Vital, Gov’t Tol 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Public institutions must lead in protecting copyright for Canadian creators, the Library of Parliament committee was told yesterday. “Traditional media are dying,” said Senator Michael Duffy (Independent-P.E.I.).

“I want to flag for you the fact that at a time when traditional media are dying for lack of revenues, there is a lawsuit against the Library of Parliament for the breach of copyright,” said Duffy. “I would urge you to make it a priority that the Library get its house in order as it relates to copyright.”

“We have people who generate copyright material who are dying or making a pittance because of abuse of copyright,” said Duffy. “I would urge the Library to be a leader in that field in observing copyright and protecting the works of our creative artists.”


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